Monday, December 17, 2012

Then and Now

The day Zahra arrived on the trailer from Virginia, we let her loose in the small indoor to let her stretch her legs a little bit, and I snapped this photo with my phone to show everyone my beautiful new horse:

One year later, my dad and I thought it would be neat to get a duplicate picture to see how much she's changed. So, my dad grabbed his exact same coat, and we put Zahra is the exact same (general) area, and I stood in the exact same (general) area, and snapped a few shots. 

I think the resulting photo comparison is pretty cool. She's bulked up her muscle tone a ton, her coat is nice and shiny, maybe even added an inch of height...? But generally she looks like a grown up horse, whereas in the first photo, she was still a bit juvenile. Also, I used a real camera this year!! This may have to become an annual tradition! 

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