Monday, March 26, 2012

The blind leading the blind

Zahra turned 4 on Saturday, so she that means she can officially compete at USEA recognized events. She's becoming a grown-up!! Still, she makes sure to remind me occasionally that she's still a baby. Sometimes its as simple as looking at me with that sweet baby face, with an expression that seems to say "Did I do it ok??" Other times its a bit more obvious, like the time this last week when she suddenly exited the outdoor arena and went galloping full tilt towards the round pen (presumably with the intention of jumping it?? Who knows what that crazy girl was thinking!)

But then other times she will be so wise and mature beyond her 4 years that it is just staggering. A perfect example is trying to hit the trails with her and my 9 month old puppy. Sophie doesn't know much about running around horses. She can guess she doesn't want them to step on her, but that is as much as she knows!! I took Zahra out for her first trailride with a couple of trustworthy horses, and she was exceptional! So I took her out again a few days later. Alone. With my puppy.

Suicidal? Perhaps a bit. But even though Zahra hated when Sophie would come out of nowhere and zoom up behind her, she really basically took it all in stride!

Check out the helmet cam videos from one of our first trailrides out together!

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