Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meeting the Triplets

At the clinic last weekend, I made my first concentrated effort to get to know the triplets a little.

The "triplets," for those who may not know, are the embryo transfer foals of Caryn Vesperman's Grand Prix Dressage mare Salope. She flushed 3 embryos and got 3 babies, which I understand is quite rare, but obviously very very lucky!!

So, the triplets are now 3, and the time has come to start sitting on them, which is where I come in! Caryn and I developped a good rapport starting her 2008 filly, Rosie, last year, so I know we're on the same page about expectations, which I can say is a HUGE comfort!!

Before my ride on Saturday, I went and said hello to the girls-- Cali, Zeza, and Dot. My first impressions (which are sure to be proven wrong!) was that Zeza will be the easiest. Everything about her seems to say "I like people and I want to be a dressage horse!" I can already picture her trying her heart out to take her first half steps in a few years!
Dot seemed inquisitive, but also a bit aloof. This could go one of two ways--either she will be super easy and be very business-like in her training, or she'll give us the middle hoof!
Which leaves Cali. She came across as very people oriented, but also a bit of a brat about her sisters (lots of ear pinning!). She was the one initiating all the trouble it seemed. So, possibly she will be the one that is the most difficult to start, but once she gets going, I think she will be the most fun!

Stay tuned, and we may find out just how wrong I was!!
Photo by Touchstone Farm. From the left: Dot, Cali, and Zeza

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