Monday, April 23, 2012

On Going Beginner Novice

When I first started eventing (a few years ago now), there was a contingent of upper level riders who looked down upon the Beginner Novice level. If you sent them your BN novice horse for some training and show experience, they would agree, but they would only compete the horse at Novice. It was such a stigma that it crept its way down to the local trainers, so much so that I didn't even know why, but I wanted to compete Novice at my first show!

Of course, then the stigma became my own. I wore it as a badge of honor. 3 horses brought through the levels and 2 catch rides, and never once a round at Beginner Novice.

Then Zahra happened.

Sure, I could wait to compete until she's ready to go Novice later this summer, but I love going to the events, I want to show her off, and heck, she's just a baby after all! We've got lots of time, better to take it slow now and build a really solid foundation. Going beginner novice a couple times will give her a chance to absorb everything going on at the shows, see a few REAL cross country courses, and generally figure out what its all about. We may not win our first few shows, heck, we may not even finish! But I guarantee there will be a smile on my face the whole weekend.
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