Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Missing Rolex

I guess it turns out I'm religious after all. Missing Rolex is like missing my annual holy pilgrimage. Sure I've missed Rolex before, but there was always an equally satisfying alternative (Badminton, Burghley, WEG... basically being in the right country at the right time!!). This year, for the first time since I was in high school, I will not be attending a four star event. Pauvre choux, I know.

WEG 2010
But NOT going is really making me realize how much I LOVE going!! Analyzing the competition, course walks, the shopping, the exhilaration of the horses flying past on cross country day, the immaculate presentation for the jogs, the nail biting show jumping. Heck, even dressage can be fun to watch!

So this year, my credit cards are safe, my rain gear will go undisturbed as I fly to New York City for a whirlwind wedding!! Fly in Saturday AM early, fly back Sunday AM early. Back in time to do some cross country repair work and teach a lesson. Whoosh!!

...Maybe its not too late to make it to Pau?

I went ahead and did a little analysis, and I'll DVR everything I can, and lord knows I'll be checking EventingNation every spare moment from Thursday morning onwards. Here's my thoughts*:

R Star (Zahra's aunt!!) will finish. Two bad years have taught them a lot. They should be ready for it this time.

James Aliston will make an impressive showing for the open GB Team slot.

Sharon White and Doug Payne will have an excellent 1st Rolex.

Michael Pollard will have his best showing ever.

Emily Beshear will get cheers the whole way round the course as "First Daughter."

We will have to start calling Marilyn Little-Meredith an eventer. She's not a show-jumper-turned-eventer anymore. I expect at least one of her horses in the Top Ten.

Parklane Hawk
Mr. Medicott
Otis Barbotierre
Fernhill Eagle
...will be the top 5, in some order (and if I get at least 2/5, I'd be pretty stoked about my handicapping skillz)

Absolute Liberty
Pepper Anne
Sea Lion
...will be horses I watch very closely for the future, for their own different reasons :)

*I don't subscribe to COTH, so unfortunately, I haven't been able to pour over Jimmy's predictions, so if we are either in agreement or not, it is purely coincidence.

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  1. So, R Star did indeed finish.

    Doug Payne had a very good first trip around, finishing in the Top 20.

    Emily Beshear got a little extra publicity due to her connections... and also had a great ride!!

    MLM did indeed prove she is an eventer now! Two horses around the XC, a feat repeated only by Phillip and Boyd!

    I got 3/5 for my Top 5!! Not bad!

    Qwanza, one of my "horses for the future" finished on her dressage score, to finish 7th. Wow!!